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About Us

Welcome to GiantsCausewayOfficialGuide.com; we hope you’ll find the definitive online guide to Northern Ireland’s most iconic landmark, the Giant’s Causeway. Our journey through time reflects a commitment to preserving the heritage and supporting local tourism in this breathtaking Causeway Coastal region.

The Sites Beginning

Giantscausewayofficialguide.com’s story began in 1999 through a pioneering collaboration with the Moyle District Council and the National Trust, which aimed to showcase the splendour of the Giant’s Causeway to the world. Despite a promising start, the site remained dormant for 14 years, a digital relic awaiting rebirth.

A New Chapter

In 2014, the site gained a new lease of life when Mike Cantrell, recognising its potential, acquired it. Mike worked hard to build new life into the website with a significant makeover and updated content that captured the essence of the Giant’s Causeway, the surrounding area and local businesses. His dedication saw the site refreshed multiple times, ensuring visitors always had access to the latest information.

The Content Kings Era

In 2019, with the support of the Causeway Coast and Glens Council, the torch was passed to us, Content Kings. Our vision was clear: transforming GiantsCausewayOfficialGuide.com into a cornerstone for local tourism businesses, providing them a platform to thrive and connect with visitors. This ambition led to a complete site overhaul, aligning it with the latest digital standards and user expectations.

We consciously tried to engage with local businesses, the new Causeway Coast And Glens Council and the National Trust. We contacted many local companies to work on partnerships to use the site to benefit them. These included local tour guides, food producers and accommodation providers.

An Unexpected Turn

As we launched our newly revamped site in the first week of March 2020, eagerly anticipating the new tourism season, the world faced an unprecedented challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic halted global travel, significantly impacting local businesses and our plans. This period of uncertainty allowed us to reflect and slowly enhance the website, ensuring that when the world was ready to travel again, we would welcome them.

Sadly, our attention was pulled in other directions during the many lockdowns and travel restrictions. Meaning that we could spend less time than we would like.

Moving Forward

In 2024, with renewed vigour and the lessons of the past guiding us, we embarked on a focused effort to propel GiantsCausewayOfficialGuide.com into the future. Our mission has never been clearer: to support local tourism, celebrate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Giant’s Causeway, and provide a comprehensive, engaging guide for visitors worldwide.

Our Promise

Today, GiantsCausewayOfficialGuide.com is a testament to Northern Ireland’s tourism community’s resilience, innovation, and unwavering spirit. We provide more than just a guide; we open a gateway to exploration, discovery, and creating unforgettable memories.

We invite you to explore the majestic Giant’s Causeway and support the local tourism businesses that make this place truly magical. Together, we can ensure that this jewel of the Emerald Isle shines brighter than ever for future generations.

Welcome to GiantsCausewayOfficialGuide.com – your adventure starts here.

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