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Would you like to work with us? We have a number of ways that we can work together to get the most out of the site.

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What we offer

We want to offer local businesses the opportunity to reach targeted markets both here and overseas at an affordable rate. We also offer advertising opportunities on this and our other sites

Accommodation Providers

Here at Giants Causeway Guide, we have a place for accommodation providers to advertise their properties. There re two options, you can choose,

Option 1 – – if your property is listed on, then you can send us an image of your property and a 150 – 200 word description and well put it up for free (we get a commission from them) 

Option 2 – Go direct with us. Well help you to craft a 2-300 word description and an image. So that visitors go directly through you.

Tour Operators

One of our reasons for developing the Giants Causeway Guide was to help local, ideally small independent, guides promote the work that they do to a wider but more focussed audience.

The site was previously funded through affiliate links to guides and tours, most of which were not based here.

We will work with you to craft advertorial style pages for your guide or guides. We will make this as detailed as you want to get it noticed and Ranking on Search Engines.

The post will include images, videos (if you have them), testimonials and all the details you want. It can either link to your site or a page on it i.e. bookings


To inquire about advertising your product, website, or content on Relatively Interesting, please contact us at admin AT contentkings DOT ie

Before inquiring, please review the notes below to see if your advertisements are good fit for the site and its audience.

What kinds of ad formats do you accept?

Currently, we support the following types of ad formats:

  • Contextual:  Your is a word or group of words that are being linked to a website/product within an article/post.
  • Non-Contextual Text:  Your ad is a link outside of an article (ex: on a widget, or directly on the homepage, or on the sidebar or footer).
  • Contextual Images:  An image that is within an article. For example, a book review or product review has an image, and that image links to a site where the product may be purchased.
  • Non-contextual Images: An image that is placed outside of an article (ex: in the footer, sidebar, etc.).
  • Sponsored Post:  You provide us with an article, and we publish it. The article must follow our editorial policy.
  • Sponsored Post (written by us): We write an article about your product or service. The article, along with its content (text, images) offer the product for purchase through an external site. Here’s an example.

We currently do not offer banner advertisements, “background-image” ads, homepage takeovers, or pop-ups.

What kind of products/websites can I advertise?

We will not link out to websites or products that are opposed to our philosophy. For example, we’d never link to a book by a psychic who claims to have supernatural powers, or to a supplement that claims to improve memory or cure cancer dramatically. We would, however, link to a book that describes how psychics practice their craft (i.e.: the art of cold reading).

In general, links to science-based products or educational materials are best (ex: microscopes, telescopes, books, DVD sets, courses, course-ware, funny t-shirts or other apparel, etc.).

What about the Google Ads you have on the site? 

Well, we don’t control those since they’re served up Google. We’ve blocked the nasty stuff, but occasionally you might see an ad that goes against our general policy. We do keep an eye on it though and will filter out inappropriate ads when possible.

What are your rates?

Our rates are very flexible and competitive. At this stage, we do not have a self-serve system, so please contact WorkWithUs AT ContentKings DOT ie for any inquiries.

As a general rule, the fees for contextual ads are the lowest, and the charges for non-contextual images ads are the highest. For example, an image placed on the primary sidebar on the site (guaranteeing its visibility on any post) would have a higher rate than a contextual link in a single article. For sponsored posts, prices are flexible based on article length. Volume discounts may also be applied.


Advertise Your Property
£ 9.99

  • Direct Link to your site
  • Fixed Fees
  • Multiple Properties

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Tour Operator

Get Your Tours Here
£ 49.99

  • Direct Link To Your Site
  • Fix Fees
  • Multiple Tour Spots Available

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One of only three places on our front page
£ 249. 99

  • Direct Link To Your Site
  • Prime first page position
  • Promoted position on tours page

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Originally from Scotland, I now reside near the beautiful seaside town of Portstewart, about 10 miles along the the Causeway Coastal Route from the Giants Causeway. By day I works in IT and by day off I spend much of my time travelling around the Island with my young family, writing about my experiences for many sites both locally and nationally.